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Princeton Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women, Hyderabad is now focusing more on Research Programs and need based technology. Accordingly, an independent R&D Cell has been established to promote and monitor the research Programs of the college. R&D cell has an advisory board with senior faculty members from various organizations. The cell manages all the research Programs of the college by monitoring and coordinating the research Programs. It conducts the research review meeting to examine the quality of research being conducted by various teams. It facilitates interaction with external agencies for funded R&D projects, also promotes and manages Institute-Industry interaction.

The objectives of R & D Cell are:

  • To create Centres of Excellence in thrust areas of research
  • To provide a common platform for the agglomeration of knowledge and ideas of personnel for learning enrichment
  • To create opportunities for students and exploit the available resources to the benefit of Industry/society
  • To administrate research projects sponsored by various Government and Non-Government research funding agencies such as       AICTE, DST, UGC etc.
  • To foster collaborations for mutual benefits and to maximize Industrial connectivity
  • To promote research from the individual departments of the Institute
  • To focus the research on Open community problems

Future Goals:

  • To Strengthen Research and Development Activities at the Institutional Level by establishing centres in Inter-disciplinary areas
  • Setting up of Research Labs in Collaboration with reputed organizations.
  • Extending R&D activities towards Industrial consultancy.
  • Enhancing entrepreneurship skills, start up culture, incubation centres.
  • To enhance the number of Doctorates