Association of Computer Engineers(ACE)

Association of Computer Engineers(ACE) is a professional association drive by Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SXCCE. The staffs and students of CSE department are the members of the association. The association is dedicated to expand the ability of students in the Computer Science and Engineering field. ACE, since its start has been a hallmark in our college. ACE has always strived to fulfill its motto “Awake, Arise, Achieve”.  Every academic year the association is instigated by an installation ceremony. This ceremony endow with intra department activities such as Technical Quizzes, Topic presentation, Debugging, Mini Project Presentation, Technical Exhibition, Seminars,   etc. These kinds of intra department activities facilitate to recognize and trigger the hidden talents of the students. The association provides a platform for the students to organize team work and execute it. Also for every academic year ACE conducts Technical Symposium, which is a inter college technical meet. During Technical Symposium the association conducts activities such as Paper Presentation, Project Development, Poster Presentation, Webpage Design etc. The student activities of the association are documented as news letter or magazine and released every year. ACE also conducts special programs such as ‘Personality Development’, ‘Need for Communication Skill’, ‘MNC Interview- Bare Bones’, ‘Logical Reasoning’, ‘BPO-an Outline’, ‘Aptitude and Placement Trainings’, ‘Group Discussions & HR Interviews’ , ‘Guest Lectures’ etc., delivered by veteran personalities. Two national conferences National Conference on Recent Trends in Computer Technology(NCRTC-14) and National Conference on Recent Trends in Information and Computer Technology(RTICT-15) were organized and successfully conducted by ACE.

ACE Office Bearers 2018-2019

President                             : Mr.N.PRAVEEN BABU HOD, CSE
Faculty Advisor                  : Er.SWAPNA INDRAPALLI AP, CSE
Assistant Faculty Advisor: Er. K.SONY. AP, CSE
Secretary                             : Miss.NAVYASHREE , Student, IV CSE
Joint Secretary                   : Miss.NATHASHA KHANNA, Student, III CSE
Treasurer                             : Miss Soujanya vishwanath Student, IV CSE

MOTTO & Emblem


To motivate the students to involve in
various activities
To enrich their leadership qualities and self confidence
To understand importance of team
To make the students to learn about applying theory into practice through various Industrial Visits.
To master in their personal skills that contribute to successful engineering practice: initiative, flexibility, creativity, curiosity and time management
To develop the ability to communicate and lead and work in team effectively
To design, implement and operate systems in an enterprise and societal context