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Mrs. Swetha M.Sc

Assistant Professor / HOD

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About the Department:

The Humanities and Sciences Department started functioning right from the inception of the Institute in the year 2009. The Department comprises four disciplines namely, English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. Engineering curriculum essentially includes these subjects or it forms the foundation from which all advanced sciences draw their strength. Humanities & Science department handles engineers or the technologists of the future, to become more enlightened intellectually and analytically. Department has laboratories fully equipped to meet the requirements of the syllabi and industry for conducting experiments in Physics, Chemistry, English language and computer programming. Unique feature of H & S department is highly dedicated faculty members with very strong academic background and experience. Each faculty of this department works with great perseverance to achieve the goal and in contributing effectively to the student’s overall development. As an integral part of the institute, the prime focus of H & S Department is to provide a conceptual base in Basic Sciences which form a foundation to the Engineering subjects. Apart from this, the department is instrumental in grooming the students into competent Engineers and individuals through training in Soft Skills. All the rooms for H&S classes are provided in one floor of a well furnished building where classes are conducted in a congenial atmosphere.
To serve as a forum for enriching the knowledge of the students in humanities and sciences arena, to excel in engineering education that would bridge technology and society.


The Department of Humanities and Sciences seeks to lay a strong foundation in basic sciences and basic engineering, besides developing competency in English language skills and also to mould the freshers into wholesome personalities through enriching and motivational programmes and thereby assisting them realize their inner potential and the commitment to society.


• To develop students’ knowledge in basic sciences – Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
• To lay the foundation for engineering profession.
• To sharpen the soft and communication skills of learners.
• To inculcate the moral values with social concern among the students.


• Students acquire knowledge of basic sciences.
• Students learn the basics of engineering.
• Students develop soft and communication skills.
• Students realize the moral and ethical values of life.
This primordial department is a blend of English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, the basic for all disciplines of study. The department is instrumental in nourishing the young future engineers with soft skills, communication skills and overall formation; so that they become globally competitive technocrats. A team of experienced, competent and dynamic staff will steer the budding engineers with fundamentals.


The department of English offers courses of the university in a way which not only assures higher grades but also develops the language skills and soft skills. Keeping in tune with the modern theories of language teaching, the faculty of English, through complementary programmes, conscientiously engages learners and encourages language use in the classrooms by way of task based, learner centered and skill development activities. The learners would have fulfilling opportunities and exposure to learn their language competencies in advanced through digital language lab.


Engineering and mathematics cannot be two different entities but go hand in hand.  The department of Mathematics provides all the courses that are required for all the engineering branches.  It sheds light on every engineering question both simple and complex. The scholars in mathematics would lend an expert support to those who seek them.  The department has consistently produced the best results in exam with its fine and efficient faculty.


The department with its exceptionally experienced and unequivocally knowledgeable faculty seeks to build the foundations for engineers who stepping on the basic knowledge would leap-forth towards excellence and accolades wouldn’t certainly be far away.  From the Physics laboratory learners provide themselves greater chances to shine in their respective fields.


The department with its theory and laboratory programmes trains the learners in the basic chemical processes and technologies.  This would without any doubt set the basics input for the engineers who would require such fundamentals in-order to glow an accomplished technocrats.

Sl.No.Staff NameQualificationDesignationProfessional Exp.Research InterestsPhoto
1Mrs. B. SwethaM. ScAsst. Prpf.11Maths
2Mr. G. Ram Narsaiah M. Sc Asst. Prpf. 7 Maths
3Ms. G. Kavya M. Sc Asst. Prpf. 4 Maths
4Mrs. Katla Ananda KumariM.B.A Asst. Prpf. 9
5Mrs. K. Archana M.B.A Asst. Prpf. 5
6Ms.Swathi M.B.A Asst. Prpf. 2
7Mr. Hari Prasad M.B.A Asst. Prpf. 15
8Mr. M.AnjaneyuluM. A Asst. Prpf. 14
9Ms. P. Renuka SrivaniM. A Asst. Prpf. 6
10Mrs. MeenakshiM. A Asst. Prpf. 6
11Ms. D. Siva PrasannaM. A Asst. Prpf. 1
12Mr. Santhosh KumarM. A Asst. Prpf. 5
13Mr. Shiva PrasadM. A Asst. Prpf. 5
14Mrs. Yedla RamadeviM. Sc Asst. Prpf. 10
15Ms. Vanga Anusha M. Sc Asst. Prpf. 4
16Ms. J. Soujanya M. Sc Asst. Prpf. 1
17Ms. B. Anitha M. Sc Asst. Prpf. 2
18Mr. P. Bala Raju M. Sc Asst. Prpf. 6
19Ms. B. Pavani M. Sc Asst. Prpf. 5
20Ms. G. Uma Rani M. Sc Asst. Prpf. 5
21Ms. G. Gouthami M. Sc Asst. Prpf. 1
22Mr. Ramprasad M. Sc Asst. Prpf. 1